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Today, process optimization is a critical issue. To stay competitive, businesses must consider the move to digital and mobile computing; the need to do more with reduced staff and resources; and the requirement to lower costs while improving productivity. Making business processes more efficient and streamlining the work environment are at the heart of resolving these challenges.

Challenges Today

Frequently workers need to wait for documents to download and open, losing critical business productivity. What starts as just a few seconds translates to 5-10 minutes lost per day. Across an entire workforce, this leads to thousands of hours of lost productivity per year.

  • Customer dissatisfaction due to long wait times
  • Revenue lost due to not meeting customer demand
  • Missed business SLAs when employees can’t meet performance goals
  • Higher labor costs to manage document-intensive business processes

Workers are also often frustrated with manual tasks such as having to convert documents to another file format to work around compatibility issues or having to split documents into multiple files in order to make them small enough to email or upload.

  • Employee retention issues due to dissatisfaction with workflow
  • Missed document submission deadlines
  • Customer or partner complaints about getting multiple emails
  • Email Upload / Download pain points
  • Exception handling pain points

Solutions to the Rescue

The good news is, you can improve employee efficiency by making document and content access faster.

  • Reduce file transfer times by 50% or more by shrinking document sizes via advanced document compression
  • Normalize documents to PDF to prevent document compatibility issues in downstream business processes
  • Simplify emailing and uploading of large files by compressing them by 50% in advance
  • Speed up file open times and improve user experience with faster ways to display documents onscreen
  • Make it faster to find content by converting image documents to searchable PDF files