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Compression technology can save you time and money

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Every time your employees access documents in the cloud, many cloud service providers charge you egress fees that are frequently overlooked when calculating cloud hosting ROI. Smarter ways to manage these hidden costs can make a positive impact to your bottom line.  

How egress fees can break your budgeting

“As high as 95% of business and IT leaders say that cloud billing is the most confusing part of public cloud adoption.” – survey taken at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017

Changes to business requirements can cause dramatic increases to downloaded cloud content; meaning you have no choice but to pay up when it comes to storage of and access to necessary documents. 

  • IT budget overruns 
  • Desire to switch hosts with difficulty in taking back control of your data 
  • Loss of ROI 

Solutions lie in better management of your content 

It’s hard to predict how frequently your employees will need to access documents archived in the cloud. Plus, you don’t want to impose limits that interfere with doing business.  

The good news is, you can mitigate the risk by:

Reducing file sizes of your every day business documents by 50% of more in order to

  • Reduce storage and egress costs by the same amount
  • Improve user efficiency since document downloads will be twice as fast
  • Black and white documents typically shrink by 40-60%
  • Color documents typically shrink by more than 90%

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