Maestro Server OCR

Automated, High-Volume Conversion of Scanned Documents to Searchable PDF

Highly Accurate OCR and PDF Conversion for Efficient Business Scanning, Archiving, and Digitization
Minimal Manual Processing Costs with Watch Folder Mode for Touchless, Automated OCR
Rapid at High Volume Processing with Batch OCR and Powerful Multi-Threading
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How Maestro Server OCR Helps

Convert Scanned Documents to Searchable PDF

Convert Scanned Documents to Searchable PDF

Generate searchable PDF assets from paper and image documents from a scanner, fax, or MFP that can be utilized more effectively in your systems and workflows.

Leverage Insights and Automation

Leverage Insights and Automation

Maestro provides high OCR accuracy to reduce errors and automatically create great data to feed into your RPA, document indexing, and big data analytics systems.

Improve Employee Productivity with Faster Information Search

Replace costly, manual information hunting with simple, instant keyword search using Optical Character Recognition software.

Comply with Regulatory Submission Requirements

Regulated environments often require full text-searchable PDF submission, such as when applying for NDAs to the FDA in the life sciences space.

PDF Compressor

Optimize Document Archiving and Mitigate Legal Exposure

Comply with records retention requirements by converting TIFFs, JPGs, BMPs, and paper to digital, ISO-certified PDF/A documents.

OCR in Healthcare - Maestro Success Story

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